Web Inspector for FileMaker Pro’s web viewers

If like many developers you use webviewers to interact with your FileMaker solutions, you may have noticed that it is not so easy to debug the content of a webviewer, whether for HTML / CSS rendering or the execution of your JavaScript code.

Tips and Tricks #2

JSON : Using the dot "." as a key element with FileMaker's JSON functions

In FileMaker's JSON function the dot "." is used as a delimiter to navigate between a JSON structure's elements. 

But how to use the dot "." inside a key without having FileMaker interprates it as a delimiter ?

Ex :{"a.b":1}

Tips and Tricks #1

Let’s remind 2 tips that are as old as the world in FileMaker, but that we still use every day:

Sort an external table on one or more fields of other occurrences

Let's take a simple example, your database has 3 tables, schools, classes and students. At the relational level, students belong to a school and a class, and classes belong to a school. Which gives us the following relationships graph:

Update FileMaker.PerformScript and FileMaker.PerformScriptWithOption

FileMaker Pro version 19.0 marks the arrival of a very special feature, the FileMaker.PerformScript(script, parameter) function;

This function is not a FileMaker Pro calculation function, it is actually a JavaScript function, it allows you to call your solution’s scripts directly from your Web Viewers! This function is the logical continuation of the script call via the fmp:// protocol.

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