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IU-DATA was created in 2017 with the aim of providing its partners with a collaboration in which we are committed to offering a customized response. In a world where the quality of service has passed into the shadow of profitability and procedural, we want to bring proximity, listening and availability to our partners in order to best meet their expectations

Vincent GILET

portrait vincent

I am owner of a grade in production engineering. You may ask what is the link between mechanics and development? Actually, this background gave me a spirit of optimization and organization. Very attracted by informatics when I was young, I started with an Amstrad CPC 464, I fiddled with games programs to have infinite lives. Succeeding was exhilarating to me. I found the same feeling with FileMaker and the possibility to interact with the end user, to automate repetitive tasks but above all, to save time. This spirit has never left me and I still have the same enthusiasm in development.

Rugby lover, I have been a referee from a very young age and I knew the top level before the professionalism of this sport. It takes a lot of responsibility and self-sacrifice to lead 30 guys. Who says rugby says south-west of France. Since I was a child, I have therefore looked with envy at the Basque Country, its great clubs and great players. I love that culture and it is I naturally joined the Anaiki Basque Men's Choir where I have been singing for 10 years. Singing in another language requires a lot of work and rigor, but with goods friends, it's exciting.

Last but not least, I also like to play a lot. From a simple card game to a very sophisticated board game. Find the right mechanics, the right combination to succeed. Well well… It sounds like development ... Indeed ! and always for fun.


portrait julien

With a professional bachelor's degree in software development and recently back from a trip to South America, I joined La Source Multimédia at the end of 2010.
I didn't know anything about the FileMaker’s world at this time and I was trained by Vincent Gilet who became a mentor and a friend over my five years in this company which later became Lesterius. Vincent's curiosity, his thoroughness and his perfectionism were key elements in approaching the various projects that I have carried out with many customers. In addition to always improving our development methods, I take great pleasure in researching and creating new modules that offer new features for our FileMaker solutions.

I then spent several years indulging in my great passions of travel, wildlife photography and scuba diving while traveling for 2 years this country-continent that is Australia.
Having developed an attraction and a fascination for biodiversity since I’m a child, I fell in love for animal photography and macro photography, which allow me on each of my trips to discover and see species that I admired in books when I was a child

When I returned to France, I joined Vincent for a new adventure: integrating IU-DATA.

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