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FileMaker Pro version 19.0 marks the arrival of a very special feature, the FileMaker.PerformScript(script, parameter) function;

This function is not a FileMaker Pro calculation function, it is actually a JavaScript function, it allows you to call your solution’s scripts directly from your Web Viewers! This function is the logical continuation of the script call via the fmp:// protocol.

It takes as parameter, the name of your solution’s script to be executed and an optional parameter (which can be a Json object for example).

In version 19.0, this function had a particular behavior, it had the effect of interrupting all FileMaker scripts being executed on the active solution.

Version 19.1.2 introduces a change to this function, henceforth the script called by FileMaker.PerformScript will be placed at the end of the script execution stack. This release also introduces a variant of this function: FileMaker.PerformScriptWithOption(script, parameter, option); which this time takes an additional but optional parameter, allowing you to control the handling of a running FileMaker script. (see the list of possible values for this parameter below)

Options possibles :

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