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JSON : Using the dot "." as a key element with FileMaker's JSON functions

In FileMaker's JSON function the dot "." is used as a delimiter to navigate between a JSON structure's elements. 

But how to use the dot "." inside a key without having FileMaker interprates it as a delimiter ?

Ex :{"a.b":1}


Let's take a simple exemple

Here is the following JSON structure inside a $json variable :


To retrieve the value 1 from the b key we use JSONGetElement function like this : 

JSONGetElement ( $json ; "a.b" )


Now, how is it possible to retrieve the value 1 inside this JSON structure :


The string "a.b" needs to be placed between brackets and simple quotes : ['a.b'].

Because we are at the JSON object's root, we need to add a dot "." at the beggining of the string. 

The formula becomes :

JSONGetElement ( $json ; ".['a.b']" )

As well, to create the previous structure with the function JSONSetElement the following syntax is working :

JSONSetElement ( "" ; ".['a.b']" ; 1 ; JSONNumber )

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