Spinner Windows v1.0.0

1 - Presentation & features

This add-on based on the Windows progress spinner allows you to add a progress indication for the users of your FileMaker solutions during a procedure execution !

Simply made with a web viewer, it is possible to configure the web viewer completely independently with a simple copy and paste.

All you have to do is display the web viewer using the call script Spinner Windows - Show / Hide the spinner at the start of the procedure, then hide the web viewer using the same script at the end of the procedure.

Features :

2 - Installation / Configuration / Parameters

2.1 Installation

  1. Close FileMaker Pro

  2. Copy the folder IUD_iOSSwitch_v1_AddOn to the following directory :

     - macOs : ~/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions/AddonModules/
     - Windows : AppData\Local\FileMaker\Extensions\AddonModules\
  3. In FileMaker Pro, open the solution on which you want to add the Add-On

  4. In layout mode, open the left side panel on the Add-ons tab, click on the button add  

  5. Under the IU-DATA category, select Spinner Windows then click on Choose  

  6. Drag and drop the Spinner Windows add-on on the layout where you want to add-it.

2.1 Configuration

The add-on can work without any context thanks by using the global field IUD_SpinnerWindows::gct_WV_FinalCode.

  1. Copy and paste the web viewer containing the add-on calculation formula on the desired model.

  2. Modify the parameters inside the web viewer's calculation.

  3. Integrate the showing and the hiding of the spinner by using the script Spinner Windows - Show / Hide the spinner.

Example of code associated with the web viewer :

Let ( 
_Spinner_Color = "#333333" ;
_Spinner_Size = 64 ;
_Spinner_DotsSize = 6 ;
_Text_Content = "Loading..." ;
_Text_Size = 16 ;
_Text_Bold = 1 ;

_Text_Bold = Case ( _Text_Bold ; "bold" ; "normal" ) ;

_Code = IUD_SpinnerWindows::gct_WV_FinalCode ;

_FinalCode = Substitute (
               _Code ; 
               [ "{{Spinner_Color}}" ; _Spinner_Color ] ;
               [ "{{Spinner_Size}}" ; _Spinner_Size ] ;
               [ "{{Spinner_DotsSize}}" ; _Spinner_DotsSize ] ;
               [ "{{Text_Content}}" ; _Text_Content ] ;
               [ "{{Text_Size}}" ; _Text_Size ];
               [ "{{Text_Bold}}" ; _Text_Bold ]
"data:text/html;charset=utf-8,¶" & _FinalCode

2.2 Parameters

Editable parameter values :

⚠️   if you modify the names of the parameters, you will have to report your modifications to _FinalCode if necessary

⚠️   Parameters not to be modified :

3 - Tables / Scripts / Custom functions / Value lists

3.1 - Tables

3.2 - Scripts

3.3 - Custom functions

No custom functions in this add-on.

3.4 - Value lists

No value lists in this add-on.

4 - Dependencies

No dependencie in this add-on.

5 - Compatibilities

Operating systems :

Plateforms :

6 - End User Licence Agreement

Important Note: Please read this EULA carefully. Downloading, installing, using or modifying this add-on signifies that the end user and their organization accept this EULA.

Definitions :

Contract terms :
IU-DATA authorizes the end user and his organization or household to use, modify, copy the add-on at their convenience. IU-DATA authorizes the end user and his organization to use for commercial purposes the add-on, when the add-on is an integral part of a solution whose spectrum of use is much wider than that defined by the functionalities of the add-on alone. On the other hand, IU-DATA does not authorize the end user and his organization to use for commercial or distribution purposes the add-on, modified or not as a final product.

The end user and his organization / household have free assistance for a period of 2 months from the date of purchase of this add-on, for any questions related to the use and configuration of this add-on.
Full access to FileMaker sources as well as to the source code used in the web viewer gives to the end user and his organization / household full control over modifying this add-on. It is therefore natural that we cannot intervene free of charge on the add-on whose code has been altered compared to the original version that IU-DATA delivered. Likewise, IU-DATA cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of any libraries mentioned in paragraph 4 - Dependencies, as well as malfunctions of the add-on following use on an operating system or a FileMaker platform other than those mentioned in paragraph 5 - Compatibilities.

Contact :
For any questions, please contact us to this address: product@iu-data.com

7 - Realization

Creation and development :

Icon design :

8 - Change Log

16/02/2021 - Spinner Windows v1.0.0 - 1st release

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